Todd Albert

Scientist, Professor, Developer, and Entrepreneur

Former Climate Scientist Turns Entrepreneur

Todd has been programming and developing since his father brought home a Sperry workstation in 1982. Since then, he's used his skills in a variety of venues including scientific endeavors for NASA and as a climate scientist and professor. In 2012, he decided to shift gears and took a job developing Mad Valorem, a map-based search engine for properties in Palm Beach County, Florida. He's since gone on to team up with some partners to create a host of new Internet properties.
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Mad Valorem was born out of the need to combine multiple streams of public records and private data on every property in Palm Beach County for investors to determine which properties are best to buy and when. Visit their website to find detailed information on Palm Beach County properties.

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One-stop quick look at US Weather

At heart, I am a climatologist, caring little for the daily fluctuations of the atmosphere, however, as a Meteorology Professor, I always had to be in-tune with the going-ons of our synoptic situation. I built a homepage that included critical graphics that gave me a quick look at US Weather without visiting a ton of pages. The graphics all link to their respective pages if you want to dig deeper. Now I share it with the world.

Quick look at US Weather
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Nebular Design is a group of highly-skilled programmers, designers, marketing specialists, SEO experts, and developers (although our aged website might not suggest this). We have designed and developed web and mobile applications for major companies, universities, government agencies, celebrities, small businesses, and even PBS Kids! Check out some of our free games in the app store.

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